January 30, 2008

kit 24 - stainless steel jacket

habu kit 24, stainless steel/silk jacket
recently completed jacket in delicious midnight blue, totally perfect for layering.
this was a planned long-term project for me. i wanted something light and large to knit over the australian summer months (the thought of heavy, warm wool on my lap for extended periods is not desirous in 40 degree heat...).
i found the pattern simple and straightforward (aside from the incorrect row count on the front piece).
materials: 1 yarn black ss thread, 1 yarn navy ss thread.
as this is an open weave mesh, i spent considerable time stitching the pieces together to achieve an even and consistent seam which will be visible though the garment.
my biggest issue: to add the buttons or use a brooch instead... at this point, i am wearing it with the brooch with the intention of putting the buttons on in winter to then wear the collar up as designed. maybe next time i will knit it with a round neck and no collar for a brooch...
and my copy of this arrived in the mail yesterday. hmm. the list is getting longer.

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Queen of the froggers said...

It looks beautiful, such an elegant knit. I love the brooch!