April 5, 2008

Another kusha kusha scarf

Some time ago I finished a kusha kusha scarf using the merino yarn in grey and the stainless steel in brown. It was my first work both with Habu yarn and japanese instructions and I messed a little over the needles numbers. I didn't want to frog such a thin yarn so I let it go like that. After felting, it just felt too short for a regular scarf, but big enough for a little something to wear around the neck.

Kusha kusha scarf

I liked the yarn so much that shortly after that I started a tank with some blue bamboo from another brand, and some more Habu merino and stainless steel in blue. The swatch you see here is about to be frogged:

fishing net sweater

because what I really have in mind is this pattern ( # 81-19) from drops design:

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ByJane said...

I've got some of that stainless yarn. So it felts nicely????