March 26, 2008

Habu Wool Roving Cardigan

I recently finished a sweater of my own design using Habu's Wool Roving A-81 1/6. I call it my "Kinari cardigan," since the color of the yarn is called "kinari" on the ballband.

I enjoyed working with this yarn. Though it's called "roving," it's more of a singles with a light twist. It's a delicate yarn, but I never had any trouble with it breaking while I knit with it.

Details and more pictures are on my blog, here.

March 15, 2008

Habu linen paper sweater

This sweater was my first experiment with Habu yarn. The first thing I made was the paper silk shoulder bag (kit 13S), and I knew I had to knit with the paper yarn again - no doubt, you all know the feeling.   I combined three strands: Habu linen paper and lace weight merino wool, and Crystal palace kid merino, which I already had.  The border at the bottom is in khaki linen paper and grey merino, the body is in grey linen paper and olive merino wool. The third strand is the same color for the whole project. I like the color, but I don't think I'll use Crystal Palace kid merino again, apart from the price there is nothing much to say for it. The sweater is in soft A-line, sleeves are bell shaped at the bottom. To give the illusion of a longer neck I tried a “deception device”: to make a crew line in the front and a stand-up collar in the back with an edge in khaki linen paper. It’s light as a feather and surprisingly warm - it kept me warm in December in Moscow!  It was not easy to photograph (especially with one’s computer camera), I am afraid. I tried!