August 14, 2010

Infinite Loop

Originally posted at Olgajazzy

This past June while it was a rainy season in Japan I've got to travel back to the States for TNNA and honestly it was lots of work and fun at the same time... More on that later, on how many wonderful designer friends I've got to see and meet as well as yarn shop owners who are thrilled as I am about our book Ori Ami Knits:Fiber Geometry! So excited, that we actually sold out and now we are on our second edition folks!!! And pre-orders are up again!! This makes me incredibly happy, that people of the industry and knitters found the designs and contents to their taste! We couldn't have done it without you, I know we couldn't have!! So Thank You for your support!!!

Amidst travel I have been working on lots more new patterns, but this wonderful weather of 90-100F has been a big distraction recently. As we live relatively close to the beach now...trying to enjoy some of those hot days there.

Today I am going to share with you a new design I have introduced at TNNA called Infinite Loop. I am particularly excited about this one as it got tremendous response and it's something I've always wanted to have in my wardrobe. It can be worn in over 15 (!!!) ways. It's lightweight enough to carry around in a purse and has no season to it! Moreover this garment is set to launch my wholesale line of patterns. Means that if you are a yarn shop and would like to carry Olgajazzy patterns, you now can! Just contact me.

It's knit using light fingering or heavy laceweight yarn, in my case I've used Habu Textiles N-35A, which is 100% rayon with viscose sizing but only comes in 2 colors for time being, insane in yardage, very affordable and possibly a perfect marriage for this design and yarn. It comes in a skein and feels very wire-y and crisp, but wait till you soak it in water and let is dry, it has features of bamboo silky drape but yet still holding that crisp structure.

But if you would like to use your stash this yarn would be easy to substitute because of the ginormous lace yarn market we have, if it would be for another Habu Textiles yarn it can be A-174 Cotton Gima, but out of other generic yarns how about my new personal favorite Madelinetosh Prairie. I must say I've been replying some folks on Ravelry considering their yarn choice for this, so please if you need help or advice, please don't hesitate to email me to PM or leave a comment, I would love to assist you if I can!

The pattern I've written to accomodate 16 sizes ranging from 28-58" bust sizes.
Needle size: US 3 (3.25 mm)
Gauge: 24 sts and 36 rows in 4" over Stockinette Stitch
Yardage required: 2280-4560 yds
Pattern price: USD $10

[A little note here, some were asking why the price is so high for this, but I have a simple reply. When you have a piece of clothing you can wear so many possible ways - this is a bargain. If you buy a single pattern, it can only be worn the way it was meant to be. Even if out of 15+ ways to wear Infinite loop you only like 2-3 ways, you still win!]

All possible pictures won't fit into any blog post. So for that reason pattern pdf has variations documented on a dress form. Please check the styling video below how many ways this garment can be worn. Funny thing is, since I've made this video, I've found at least another 2 ways! SO please experiment!!

Now onto more pattern writing and knitting! Mata-ne!