November 10, 2010

Habu Hempathy Skirt Pattern

Habu Hempathy Skirt

I finally finished writing the pattern for my Ralph Rucci-inspired Habu Hempathy Skirt. It is on my Knitwear Designs page.  There's only one pattern there now, but there are more to come.  Many, many, many thanks to Deb and Olga for their much needed advice, editing, and modeling.   The original post can be found here.

August 14, 2010

Infinite Loop

Originally posted at Olgajazzy

This past June while it was a rainy season in Japan I've got to travel back to the States for TNNA and honestly it was lots of work and fun at the same time... More on that later, on how many wonderful designer friends I've got to see and meet as well as yarn shop owners who are thrilled as I am about our book Ori Ami Knits:Fiber Geometry! So excited, that we actually sold out and now we are on our second edition folks!!! And pre-orders are up again!! This makes me incredibly happy, that people of the industry and knitters found the designs and contents to their taste! We couldn't have done it without you, I know we couldn't have!! So Thank You for your support!!!

Amidst travel I have been working on lots more new patterns, but this wonderful weather of 90-100F has been a big distraction recently. As we live relatively close to the beach now...trying to enjoy some of those hot days there.

Today I am going to share with you a new design I have introduced at TNNA called Infinite Loop. I am particularly excited about this one as it got tremendous response and it's something I've always wanted to have in my wardrobe. It can be worn in over 15 (!!!) ways. It's lightweight enough to carry around in a purse and has no season to it! Moreover this garment is set to launch my wholesale line of patterns. Means that if you are a yarn shop and would like to carry Olgajazzy patterns, you now can! Just contact me.

It's knit using light fingering or heavy laceweight yarn, in my case I've used Habu Textiles N-35A, which is 100% rayon with viscose sizing but only comes in 2 colors for time being, insane in yardage, very affordable and possibly a perfect marriage for this design and yarn. It comes in a skein and feels very wire-y and crisp, but wait till you soak it in water and let is dry, it has features of bamboo silky drape but yet still holding that crisp structure.

But if you would like to use your stash this yarn would be easy to substitute because of the ginormous lace yarn market we have, if it would be for another Habu Textiles yarn it can be A-174 Cotton Gima, but out of other generic yarns how about my new personal favorite Madelinetosh Prairie. I must say I've been replying some folks on Ravelry considering their yarn choice for this, so please if you need help or advice, please don't hesitate to email me to PM or leave a comment, I would love to assist you if I can!

The pattern I've written to accomodate 16 sizes ranging from 28-58" bust sizes.
Needle size: US 3 (3.25 mm)
Gauge: 24 sts and 36 rows in 4" over Stockinette Stitch
Yardage required: 2280-4560 yds
Pattern price: USD $10

[A little note here, some were asking why the price is so high for this, but I have a simple reply. When you have a piece of clothing you can wear so many possible ways - this is a bargain. If you buy a single pattern, it can only be worn the way it was meant to be. Even if out of 15+ ways to wear Infinite loop you only like 2-3 ways, you still win!]

All possible pictures won't fit into any blog post. So for that reason pattern pdf has variations documented on a dress form. Please check the styling video below how many ways this garment can be worn. Funny thing is, since I've made this video, I've found at least another 2 ways! SO please experiment!!

Now onto more pattern writing and knitting! Mata-ne!

May 16, 2010

Paper out of Linen

originally posted at Ori Ami Knits blog

Habu Textiles A-60

I am not sure how did it start for many of you, but my first Habu Textiles yarn was Shosenshi Linen paper that I purchased back in 2006 from Knit Purl store online. How do I remember? I have just found my receipt the other day. It was funny that I was actually looking for a raffia like yarn.. and I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. When it has arrived it took me 3 hours to gently wind it by hand, as at that time I didn't own yet a swift or a ball-winder. The feel of it really surprised me, it was much thinner and more fragile than I would want from this "raffia" to be. So my crochet swatch of it really didn't do what I needed. I put it in the basket thinking what a fiasco... Only later to find out what a treasure I had acquired for my stash.

I know I have heard many stories later that people had purchased yarns like that from Habu textiles and not knowing what to do with it. But with time I have learnt - you can pair that yarn with anything or knit by itself and get an amazing result. This is what yarn from Habu Textiles was all about. Create your own with an array of their yarns to find one in particular you love.

Swatch above made using 4 different colors of A-60 on 4mm needle knit only with a single strand of it.

This season starts with a linen paper additions. Thinner (2mm) version of Shosenshi Linen N-67B has joined the team, it is still rustles as you knit with it and still has all the features of the A-60, but now you can incorporate it with with lots of other tiny threads or work it on its own as shown in a charcoal swatch below, knit single-stranded on 3.25mm needle.

And a thicker addition of Linen paper has also made appearance in a face of N-70, which represents 3 linen paper strands individually twisted, then plied together to create one yarn. It gives it rather chunky weight and can certainly suit those who love quicker results on bigger needles. Swatch in brick color below is made using 5.5mm needle and is also held single-stranded.

While doing some research one can find out that traditionally paper, linen paper has been used in kimono weaving in Japan for centuries. Paper has this amazing feature of heat insulation (for a laugh, bums on the street stuff their jackets with newspapers to keep warm, rather dorky correlation, but it has a point). And on the subject how is it made.. flax is ground into cellulose-like mass and then strung into a flat tape that is later re-enforced with sizing/starch like glue. Garments created with this yarn are air light, if handled wrong this yarn can give you couple paper cuts, so be careful. But overall it is an amazing experience to try knitting with this one-of-a-kind material. You feel like a part of some secret club. It would sing in your hands, just give it a tune and listen.

April 18, 2010

Habu Hempathy Skirt

also posted on my blog, When a Door Closes...

I always start things a bit late. I didn't know there was a Ravelympics 2010 until two days into the Olympics. Without a second thought, I jumped up and grabbed some yarn out of my stash and began knitting this skirt. To be fair, the concept for this skirt had been stewing in my mind for a while. It was inspired by a Ralph Rucci collection and Habu stainless steel. And I needed a black skirt. I quickly knit a swatch, determined the gauge, then cast on, using US4 Addi Lace Weights.

Habu Hempathy Skirt

The body of the skirt is knit with black Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy. (I don't know why it looks blue in the photos.) I will probably use Habu Tsumugi Silk next time. The transparent bands are Habu Silk Stainless Steel. They are placed to create the effect of a short skirt, offset by the below-the-knee total length. I wanted somethiing conservative for work but not matronly. It also had to be modest when sitting. The skirt is knit in the round, has a provisional cast on hem, and an elastic waist band. A simple and quick knit, completed within the two weeks of the Olympics.

Habu Hempathy Skirt

Habu Hempathy Skirt

Habu Hempathy Skirt

Habu Hempathy Skirt

I am pleased with the outcome. My model/knit-sibling Deb makes it look even better. I'm grateful that she agreed to model it for me, and had the patience to endure the twenty or so shots I made. Thanks, Deb!

March 19, 2010

:: Ori Ami Knits ::

For the past year me and Vanessa Yap-Einbund of coloursknits along with Kirsten Johnstone of assemblage - knitting bloggers have been working on a publication. This is a new and daring project - a self-published book of patterns all made using Habu Textiles yarn that we all have turned to love through the years for its amazing features. We have taken up entire process, not just the designs, but production, photography, layout - literally everything. One would question why? Answer is simple, we just wanted to make sure that our original vision and concept was delivered in the final result just as we have planned it. We have learnt a great deal during this endeavor and it is ready to be shared.
Ori Ami Knits: Fiber Geometry
Ori (jap.) - weave, fold,
Ami(mono) (jap.) - knit, knitting

The whole idea behind and details of the book aspect you can find on our website.
The book has been divided into 4 chapters. "Practical Geometry", "Subtle Layers", "Dimensional Folds" and "Nautical Structures". Here are several garments sneak peaks below:

Just a few crucial details. We really wanted to make this book available and interesting to a wide public, so all garments have instructions for 10 sizes. The digital book has been already published digitally and print version is on the press. Currently you can subscribe to the book. How you can benefit from subscription? You receive 2 exclusive patterns that are not going to be in a print version of OAK. Please refer to our FAQ list if you have questions on more details. And though I have been knitting non-stop for the past year, I honestly want to make some of these again, so I can enjoy wearing them during long summer, from what I hear, in Japan.

Ori Ami Knits on Ravelry (requires login)

If you are a yarn store and wish you carry print version of Ori Ami Knits in your store, please email us