I have quite a hard time when I started to knit with the yarn, is so thin and keep slipping off my needle. I have change different type of needle at least three time…and it works best on straight bamboo needle. Knitting with this yarn do requires a lot of patient, and I learn that no matter how boring it is, just “DO NOT STOP” or else it will just sit in the corner for long long time. For the last two week I keep knitting it until I get used to the yarn… and I quite enjoy it after awhile.

I didn’t order the kit from Habu textile which is rather expensive to me. I use wool stainless steel from my stash and combine with merino wool.. I guess it works the same. I followed the dimension from the book Hand-knit works by Setsuko Torii and the only change I made is extent the stainless steel border at two end which I should do 8 inch instead of 4 inch..urgh !!

I have accidentally snag the shawl couple of time..and it was hell to fix it back, so I have no choice but to felt it. I do a very light felt, soak in the hot water, and stir it about 2 minutes so the length will not shrink too much as well as the stitches still visible. Even though the shawl look very sheen and thin, but actually is quite warm and is extremely light in weight, is absolutely worth the effort.

Pattern : Kusha kusha shawl or kit 73
Yarn : Wool stainless steel A-148, merino wool A-33
Yardage : 5 cone wool stainless steel, 3 cone merino wool
Colour: 2867 purple and 14 brick
Needle: 3.5mm, 5.5mm