September 3, 2007

Habu Kushu Kushu Jacket Finished

Habu Kushu Kushu Jacket finished.

Details at

Sorry too tired from the finishing marathon to repeat the details here. It's all at Knitsane.


chris412 said...

That turned out great! How long did it take you from start to finish? I am only 10" into the back of mine, and trying to plug along.

Michele said...

chris: i started it in early july i think but then i took a two week break from it to finish a shawl. so maybe 6 weeks of working on it almost everyday. it's a lot of stockinette. i started learning how to read and knit at the same time and this helped.

looking forward to seeing yours when it's done.

Alison said...

WOW! It's done! I imagined it longer and with more drape, but it looks very neat and fitting on you - I guess how much you felt decides the final size shape? You must be so pleased with it!

Michele said...

alison: yes my jacket is both shorter and narrower than the pattern. the narrower part was planned as i didn't want a baggy garment i cast on fewer stitches than the pattern called for. as it turned out i could have made it bigger and it would have been fine.

the shorter part wasn't planned. had hope it would be a bit longer but i felted it pretty hard.

yes, i'm very happy with this one. i love how light it feels while still being warm.

Cara said...

Michele - Your jacket is stunning. I got my kit & made a swatch, but not getting gauge. I noticed you went up a needle size. I may try that. I would like this to turn out a bit roomier. I meant to order the large size, but forgot. I wonder about adding stitches? What's your take?

Lauren said...

Fab and Finished! Did you wash and block pieces? It is beautiful.