August 31, 2007

My simple scarf.

Knitted using the Kusha Kusha scarf pattern but knitted in Kusaki zome 100% silk in colour 23 held with silk mohair colour 2.

Instead of felting it when finished I was very naughty and steam ironed it to even out the stitches! This has given it a lovely drape and it is so soft to wear. The sheen of the silk can be seen and the colour of the mohair gives it an almost variegated look.

There is another picture of it on my blog in the sun and it looks quite different there!

I am looking at the silk stainless yarn now as this was such a simple pleasure to knit.

Lin x


Nora said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your first Habu experience Lin. Your scarf is beautiful.


Twisted Knitter said...

Wonderfully stunning combo of yarns -- I love the scarf. I've knit with the same combo and the same colors, but all garter stitch:

After seeing your scarf, I think I'll be buying more Habu. ;-)

Janet (Twisted Knitter)

Shannon said...

Really gorgeous!

Michele said...

really pretty. looks like sunlight itself in the photo.