October 7, 2008

Kit 86

Started swatching for it.  Had to go to a size 0 needle and needed something pointy so tried knitpicks metal circulars after bamboo made me crazy.

At first it seemed like knitting with an invisible thread but after about ten rows I got really into it and am excited about starting the cardigan.  its amazing that something so cobweb quickly feels quite substantial when knit.

I have not seen this made up (have to find a trunk show) and wonder if anyone has made it?

Although the dimensions say it should fit me, i suspect it is supposed to be very loose and on me it will be more form fitting--any thoughts on whether I should make it larger or just do the first one as written (which is my inclination.)  I can always make a gift of it.   I have a 44 bust and the pattern is 45 inches buttoned--although i usually keep cardigans open.  Also wonder how the assymetric  fold on front will look if i have it opened or maybe just button one or two buttons.

any suggestions appreciated

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