August 18, 2009

:: in Love with Stainless Steel ::

Just the other day I have noticed on kpixie website the arrival of new Habu Textiles A-20/21 Silk wrapped stainless steel yarn in amazing new colors! Check them out yourself and think what a great range is given now!

I want to share today my favorite jacket, that took me less time to knit on small needle than to sew, but the result!!! It is stunning, it took 2 colors of A-20/21 : lavender and grey and every time someone asks me about it, they admire the fiber content, but yet are very stunned by amazing look.
This is Kit -24 in M size.

Fall in love with Habu Textiles all over again and though this jacket took me a while I am certainly planning out the colors on another one!


Kitty Kitty said...

The new colours are absolutely amazing. So happy they are continuing to add to the colour palette.

The jacket is absolutely lovely. I can not imagine having to sew it together though.

Unknown said...

It's beautiful! Is this the kit I gave you a couple of years ago?

Linda said...

That is lovely.

Connie said...

Its adorable & edgy!

t does wool said...