March 19, 2010

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For the past year me and Vanessa Yap-Einbund of coloursknits along with Kirsten Johnstone of assemblage - knitting bloggers have been working on a publication. This is a new and daring project - a self-published book of patterns all made using Habu Textiles yarn that we all have turned to love through the years for its amazing features. We have taken up entire process, not just the designs, but production, photography, layout - literally everything. One would question why? Answer is simple, we just wanted to make sure that our original vision and concept was delivered in the final result just as we have planned it. We have learnt a great deal during this endeavor and it is ready to be shared.
Ori Ami Knits: Fiber Geometry
Ori (jap.) - weave, fold,
Ami(mono) (jap.) - knit, knitting

The whole idea behind and details of the book aspect you can find on our website.
The book has been divided into 4 chapters. "Practical Geometry", "Subtle Layers", "Dimensional Folds" and "Nautical Structures". Here are several garments sneak peaks below:

Just a few crucial details. We really wanted to make this book available and interesting to a wide public, so all garments have instructions for 10 sizes. The digital book has been already published digitally and print version is on the press. Currently you can subscribe to the book. How you can benefit from subscription? You receive 2 exclusive patterns that are not going to be in a print version of OAK. Please refer to our FAQ list if you have questions on more details. And though I have been knitting non-stop for the past year, I honestly want to make some of these again, so I can enjoy wearing them during long summer, from what I hear, in Japan.

Ori Ami Knits on Ravelry (requires login)

If you are a yarn store and wish you carry print version of Ori Ami Knits in your store, please email us

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Connie said...

I just bought the book - it looks really beautiful.