November 20, 2011

Fiber Beat #24 "Haiku to Habu" featuring Takako Ueki & Darlene Hayes

Hello Habu Textiles Fans!

My name is Michael Wade and I produce a podcast called Fiber Beat. I recently interviewed Takako Ueki as well as Darlene Hayes for episode #24, Haiku to Habu.

Fiber Beat, Episode 24: Haiku to Habu

I'd be ever so pleased to know what you think of the piece.  Oh, and be sure to enter the contest we have for two prizes: (1) a yarn tasting sampler of some cool Habu Yarns AND (2) the Fameuse cardigan pattern from Knit Cook. More contest details can be found on the Fiber Beat site and you can continue the conversation in the Ravelry Fiber Beat forum.

Thanks for your time and big thanks to Olgajazzy for granting me permission to post in this forum.

~Michael Wade (WonderMike on Ravelry)

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