October 15, 2007

hi there, I've kusha'd

thanks for the invite Olga. :)

like so many of you, my first habu textiles kit was the kush kusha scarf:


yarns: silk stainless A-20/21 1/20 in gray (color 3), and super fine merino A-177 in charcoal (color 97).

:while i did in fact knit all of the rows as stated, i used both right handed and left handed knitting in the steel + wool part, and only right handed knitting in the steel only part. this resulted in a far longer steel + wool section than the pattern intended, while the steel only portion was the correct size.

:it stopped being a process knit for me about half way through the steel only portion, and became all about the finished object; which i really like.

this is actually the third piece that i've made with habu yarns. my first was a misty garden scarf out of mohair tam, and the second was a 'Wisp' made out of silk/mohair kusa that i overdyed.

you can see my stash of habu textiles yarns here, if you like.



Queen of the froggers said...

That looks beautiful. I am off to look at your Habu stash!

Michele said...

beautiful photos of your kushu scarf.

can i ask how you like the mohair tam as a yarn?

Danielle said...

thank you both! :)

Michele, I love the mohair tam yarn. I swore off of mohair for about a year before this yarn called out to me. It's really soft, doesn't shed much (if at all), and the color selection is nice. It's my favorite mohair yarn.

Kim Nickels said...

Hi Olga, I'm Kim from Knitch (www.shopknitch.com) Thanks for listing us as a source for Habu. We're totally in love with Habu yarns and kits and we're adding a TON in our current order...Takako from Habu told me about your knit a long at our trunk show last weekend and I love it! I'm on a serious search for shop sample knitters for Habu garments so please let me know if you know of anyone who'd be interested. Thanks much!