October 31, 2007

Kit #36

Although I actually visited the minuscule Habu retail store in NY a couple of years ago, I never tried the Habu yarns and kits until Takako came to my LYS, Article Pract, in December of last year. I was seduced by her trunk show and ordered the kit for the Paper Silk Mohair Jacket. I also bought several of skeins of nerimaki ito silk to make some little nubby scarves. I scoped out the pattern instructions, and they didn't look too hard, so I began the sweater but stalled out because I got scared that I was doing something wrong. Takako returned to Oakland in February, and I took a class from her where I learned to read a Japanese pattern and showed her my progress. She said I was on the right track, so on I went. I really enjoyed working with the combination of paper and the cobwebby mohair/silk blend. The sweater is soft, as light as air to wear, and gets compliments galore. I've got kusha kusha in my queue for winter (another kit from Takako's visit), and love seeing all the pictures and comments on this blog. Thanks for the invitation to participate!


Olgajazzy said...

Tenli, your jacket is gorgeous, sorry it took a while to finish, but it's a very pleasurable knitting with Habu yarns! Please show us more whenever you are finished!

Reb said...

Your jacket is beautiful! Do you have any idea what colors were included in your kit? Thanks!

Tenli said...

The paper yarn, A60, was color #119, charcoal. There were two colors of the silk/mohair blend, A32, #8, brown, and #9, charcoal. The yarn came in cones, leaving no ends to weave in. The sweater is knit with all three strands held together throughout.

Michele said...

nice job. i love how the collar falls. it all looks beautiful on you.

i wouldn't have thought of using the paper yarn with mohair but it looks great.

sookie said...

Hi! Your jacket looks great. I just got the kit and finished making the back. I am at the start of the right front and I"m a bit confused. Can you help me??