October 9, 2007


I realized that I didn't post any pictures of gf's Habu kit yarn.

The sweater itself is a simple, in the round funnel neck with raglan sleeves. The body is knit with Ultra Fine Kid Mohair and it is edged with Tsumugi Silk Combination. I can't seem to find any pictures of a finished sweater, so you'll just have to wait until I finish it to see what it looks like.

As fuzzy as this yarn is, there aren't a lot of stray fibers floating around when I'm working with it. I honestly wasn't looking forward to working with this yarn because I hate having fiber float into my eye. But I haven't had any problem with it.

Here's the progress so far...not too bad. At this point, the body is a quarter of the way done.

I started out swatching with some bamboo needles, but it was proving difficult to pick up the yarn with their blunt tips. So I switched over to some Options nickel needles and have been very happy. The yarn has a lot of traction and I haven't had any problems with stitches slipping off.


Michele said...

looks very pretty. nice combination of yarns. looking forward to seeing more of it as you progress.

Olgajazzy said...

Oh, Christie, it's delicious!!
And I think I haven't seen that new kit yet either, would you know a number for it (it should say on the pattern instructions. The kid mohair is a lush and I bet fibers flying up your nose are temporary! Love that shade of pale pink!

Terry said...

I have been working on this sweater and completed it incorrectly this Thanksgiving weekend. I don't know if it was all the food or my lack of vision. Unfortunately, with all the football playing and the kids coming and going, I simply followed the directions - it isn't that easy. I now have to figure out how to take it out and fix it. Any ideas? She doesn't have anything happening between attaching the sleeves to the body and beginning the decreases. EZ has about 4.75" of plain knitting but that doesn't have to carry here. Any help would be appreciated.