October 30, 2007

Kit 89

I am new to this list, joining after purchasing several kits from Knitch, in Atlanta. I am also new to the concept of blogging, so I'm not sure that I am doing this correctly!
Anyway, I am presently working on kit 89, and having so much fun! Is this kit familiar to anyone? I have found the row gauge to be fairly accurate so far, and am assuming the front is knit exactly like the back.
I loved the buttons used on the sample in the trunk show. Does anyone know where to purchase some like these?
Barbara (Orlando, Florida)

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Ruth said...

Hi Barbara,
I just received this kit as a present from my mother, so soon I'll be making one too! How is your progress so far? (P.S. I think the front and back have to be mirror images, don't you? But I haven't seen the actual garment.)