July 17, 2007

kitty: Avril Book References

Thanks to the wonderful help of my Sister-in-Law, she helped me track down all of the ISBN's for the titles listed on the Avril site. So I though I would post the information to serve as a reference for everyone to find additional patterns to use your Habu treasures. Some of the patterns for the kits are actually included in some of the titles. Rendezvous with Lovely Yarn Delicate little projects actually includes the pattern for Kit-60 picot bubble stitch scarf in the form of a belt.

Setsuko Torii Hand Knit Works

143 pages - 2006/09

ISBN-10: 4895113825

more - Avril Site - From Habu with Translation Coming Soon

Rendezvous with Lovely Yarn Delicate little projects

Avril Yarn Shop

84 pages - 2005/11

ISBN-10: 4277430686

More - Avril Site

Loosely Translated - Seeing Lovely Threads To Wear
& Playing with shapes to make small articles

Avril Yarn Shop

87 pages - 2007/02

ISBN-10: 4277172091

Avril Site

(If anyone has a better translation, please let me know. The vocabulary was
really hard for me in this title)

Gifts from the Sheep - Handweaving

Avril Yarn Shop

143 page - 2005/10

ISBN-10: 4895113728

Avril Site

Gifts to Give - Handweaving

Avril Yarn Shop

143 pages - 2004/11

ISBN-10: 4895113582

Avril Site

Plain Weaving

by Misao Iwamura

Bunka Publishing 2002

From Habu with Translation


Olgajazzy said...

Priscilla, thank you so much for your very resourceful publication of this, that way we'll be able to keep the track of Avril/Habu books and reference to them! Excellent!

Carlene said...

Thank you so much for this!