July 11, 2007

Shippo "Tail" Scarf

First, thanks again everyone for such an amazing response to joining this group and active posting . I am sure we will have lots of fun in here! I thought that my personal blog has been overflowing with Habu, taking and sharing and expanding my obsession for it here proves it.
I want to start by showing off couple of my recently finished objects from Habu. Couple weeks ago me and Vanessa has a chance to go to NYC and visit the Habu Studio itself.

me and VanessaHabu Textiles

As you walk in, on the floor there this amazing amount of little baskets/bins that are having leftover yarn/mystery bags to pick, so called Bargain Bins. I had been wanting to get my hands on one of other scarves from Habu textiles, after I have finished my Kusha Kusha scarf not that long ago.
And as it's a small project I felt secure enough to pick some fun colours to go together for a Shippo "Tail" Scarf.
I was lucky enough and with a great enabler, I have picked some possibilities.

Shippo tail from the  bargain basket

The yarn that you see are Habu Bamboo Tape A-157 1/6 in white, Habu Linen Paper A-60 in light grey, Habu Frisbee A-19 2/28 in grey and cream.
As one can imagine working with so many colors was fun and still very quick, Shippo was made in one day. The only tricky part was weaving those papery ends as they are not very much willing to lay flat. But it all comes to sense when I washed it and just let it hang to dry. One can also spot another shiny yarn in the scarf though, I had found some DMC Metallic Embroidery Thread (8.7 yds) lying around and as it was close to the colorways, as I did follow the Habu pattern that stated: "Please be creative"! So I threw that accent in. I am yet to photograph it wearing it, but it's a great summer scarf or almost an oversized necklace.

'ShippoYarn details of the scarf


Michele said...

olga this looks so pretty! can't wait to see a photo of you wearing it.

thanks for fixing the title for me.

am swatching and felting for kit 74 as well before i leave town - hope to post about it tomorrow. swatch going in washing machine right now.

iSeL said...

You guys are too cute, and I've already told you how jealous I am of your NYC trip.

Can't wait to start working on my Shippo...but must be good and finish my other projects first. ;)

Nora said...

Olga, this is beautiful. I think linen paper should be next on my list...