July 7, 2007

:: Let's Start! ::

Boys and Gals, we have a Knitalong! Why one would ask, the amount of just pictures in Habu Textiles Flickr group is overflowing and I bet I am not the only one to hear what other person is making with this unique yarn. So there you have it!
There is no time limits, no start/end dates, we are all here who knit with Habu/Avril yarn whether it is your own design or knitting their kits or even if you use Habu yarn as a substitute for any other knitting patterns. Here we will try to share all cool, interesting, necessary information, experience, sales and news I welcome you to do so as well!
To join KAL please email me at jasmine dot oleary at gmail dot come to be invited.
You need to have a blog in order to join, but if you are not a regular blogger or have your blog hosted outside blogger but still wish to write here about your Habu adventures simply register on blogger and you will be able to join!

We are no affiliated with the company itself, we are just here for the love of Habu Yarn!


Michele said...

totally great idea!

thank you for inviting me to participate. this is exciting. will post something soon.

soknitpicky said...

Yeah, thanks for the invite, Olga! And that is a beautiful pic for the header as always, Vanessa

iSeL said...

Great idea, Olga! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful Habu projects from everyone.

Great picture by Vanessa. She's so great with her camera, and her knits!

lomester said...

I can't wait. I started a swatch this morning...

Veronique said...

Great idea! Now I just have to take a look at my Habu stash and figure out what I'll make... Oh, the possibilities!