August 17, 2007

Metal + Silk: Combined

It’s rigid; severe, yet soft to the touch
It’s deep, dark and black, yet sparkles in the sun
It’s primal and basic, yet aesthetically beautiful
It snags and curls and tangles, yet gently moulds into place
It appears so fragile and fine, yet is unbreakable; strong
It’s steel, a metal, yet is coated in silk
It acts as a trim, yet comprises the entire piece...

The photos above show the beginning of a wrap using the tsumugi silk that Janet sent me a while back. I’ve mixed it with a strand of silk stainless steel left over from my Kushu Kushu scarf - an amazing and precious combination. There is something beautiful and serene about the Habu silk range. The sample ball combined with the SSS produced the wrap’s edge and I’ll continue with only the tsumugi.

I’m just waiting for something special to arrive…

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