August 13, 2007

My small contribution

Thank you for letting me join this KAL. Your projects and posts are extremely talented; it is a pleasure to find that I am not the only one appreciating Habu.
I fell in love with Habu yarns last year, and can't get enough of them since then.
I made two projects with Habu yarns so far: a crocheted vest and a light summer tank.
For the vest I used A-44 (kanpyo cotton) - a truly amazing yarn, crisp and light. Darker flowers were crocheted with regular (non Habu) cotton.
I used A-66 paper in brown casuri for the tank: it is the nicest tank a have - so airy and light!

Right now I am working on another Habu yarn project: summer top. I am using A-22 silk Gima in color "linen", and again can't get enough of the way this yarn handles! I will post the picture when it is done. Believe it or not, I am already thinking of my next Habu project: it is addictive.

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Queen of the froggers said...

They are beautiful tops, I particulary like the crochet vest.