August 7, 2007

A little story about a scarf

You know how occasionally you see something on a blog and you think: Oh. My. That is so beautiful, so perfect, so ME? And then you almost very nearly dream about it - it's colour and form and construction, and you can’t wait to purchase the materials and start working on it. And so you make some plans and join some groups and email those like-minded souls to your heart’s content – because they understand. And the kit eventually arrives and you begin to knit at every given opportunity, all day (if you could) and long into the night until it’s complete. And you photograph it and post it on Flickr and the comments start to come in and everyone loves it and so do you. And then you wear it out to coffee and to uni and dinner and to the supermarket and almost everyone you come into contact with says something nice, and you end up feeling fantastic and stylish and modern. And you vow to make another because you enjoyed the process so much, but this time you also enjoyed the peripherals – the before and the after, the start and the finish, and you can honestly say that it is one of [if not] the nicest things you’ve made in your entire knitting life. And you just know that when the time comes to post about it, the words will tumble from your mind and your heart and race down to you fingertips and miraculously appear on the screen and make perfect sense without much effort on your part at all. Because this is about passion and tradition and childhood memories and respect and a love of all things fine and unique and those things are unrehearsed and natural and real. And then you find yourself stumped because the words refuse to flow and you can’t really explain why. And so you go the Habu site for inspiration and all you see there is the obvious: an immaculate sense of style that is so perfect, it’s indescribable. There are no crazy patterns or gaudy colours. Instead, there is a serene focus on quality and the hand made. Understated. Subtle. Basic.

I really should let the others explain it.

:: Photos: Kit-78 Kushu Kushu scarf in grape extra fine merino and black silk stainless steel -- Kushu Kushu: Japanese for scrunched; crinkled.

Black Dog Knits -- originally posted here Aug 1, 2007


Carlene said...

What a lovely post!

kat coyle said...

Aha! scrunched and crinkled...I see. Thank you! My scarf has become very scrunchy.