August 19, 2007

:: needle sizes ::

On the general information, I have recieved a lovely email reply from Takako, I have sent the links to flickr group album and KAL:

" What a beautiful site you have created! The photos are great. Thank you so much for letting me know, and for your creativity. I look forward to seeing more!"

It's applied to all of you contributors, knitters, Habu enthusiasts! Thank you again for participating in out KAL and sharing that beauty created by your hands. Keep up the creative juices flowing!

For those of you who have or plan to get the japanese books, I have decided to post a Japanese Needle Sizes Comparison Chart. They do differ from the USA sizes that's why I give them in metric, as there are NO exactly corresponding sizes in the USA measuring system:
Japanese Needle Sizes.
0 = 2.1mm
1 = 2.4mm
2 =2.7mm
3 = 3.0mm
4 = 3.3mm
5 =3.6mm
6 = 3.9mm
7 = 4.2mm
8 = 4.5mm =US 7
9 = 4.8mm
10 = 5.1mm
11 = 5.4mm
12 = 5.7mm
13 = 6.0mm = US 10
14 = 6.3mm
15 = 6.6mm

There are couple resources where one can get the books: - there is an option where you can check it out in english and also love using google language tool by simply inserting the link and translating the whole page - site is in english, their search engine is tricky, best way is to search by ISBN number, fast shipping and many times books are qualified to free worldwide shipping.
Kinokuniya stores - if you do not have one in your area it's worth giving them a call for a book you are searching for and give them the ISBN #, they would mail it for you. In NYC there is a location in Rockafeller Center, but I saw a new store is opening this fall on 6th Ave right across from Bryant Park.
Needle Arts Book Shop - Place to buy various japanese craft books online.
Superbuzzy - An online japanese craft store located in the USA, currently having all their books on sale.
Chocolate swirl - etsy store that sells japanese craft books.


Vanessa said...

thanks for sharing all those info olga. you're the best :)

Queen of the froggers said...

Thank you for all that info, really useful!

Michele said...

olga thank you so much for posting about where to get the book. was just thinking this morning of ordering the japanese version.