August 9, 2007


I finally gave in to the lure of Habu yarn and bought 2 balls of the kusaki zome 100% silk in colour 23 and 2 balls of the silk mohair in colour 2.

I am planning on making a simple scarf knitting the 2 together, possibly using beads as well although that may distract too much from the beauty of the yarn. I will have to try it and see.

I am not particulary creative and normally tend to knit from patterns so if anyone has any thoughts or other ideas let me know!

I love looking at all your beautiful projects here on the knitalong and Flickr.
Lin x


kat coyle said...

I love this photograph!

Nora said...

Lin, I'm SO happy you've joined us!
I think you should probably follow the form of the Kushu Kushu scarf. Email me if you need help. :)

Beautiful photo.


Olgajazzy said...

Lin, I love the cool watery colorways you chose, I think a scarf would be a great idea, I am sure Habu/Avril yarns are more about texture, organic look, but you may experiment with the beads as well. Welcome in any case and Happy Knitting!

Carlene said...

Welcome! Beautiful color choices