August 6, 2007

Next Steps?

So, I finished my Kusha scarf and really like it. I think I need to make a longer one, too, at some point.

I have 2 questions for you all:
1. What do you recommend for all this leftover extra fine merino?
2. And what do you think is a good "next step" project for someone (like me) who is just beginning to venture into Habu?

Happy Knitting, everyone!


Just call me Ruby said...

Your scarf looks so delicate, lovely choice of colours. How much yarn have you got left over?

Nora said...
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Nora said...

I had a cone of SSS left over from my Kushu Kushu scarf that I've now combined with some tsumugi silk for a wrap.

I'm also interested in combining extra fine merino with a slightly variegated lace-weight merino or silk.


Olgajazzy said...

Carlene, gorgeous scarf, congratulations, I love you unique color combo! I would suggest a garment now for the next training purposes =) Merino..I also had leftovers, i keep them to a better day.

kat coyle said...

The white stainless silk ends are sublime.