August 18, 2007

Linen and Silk (Part II)

Howdy guys! Thank you so much for all your emails about the purl bee post. Let me tell ya...I had hot flush all day after I saw all those emails in my inbox. You guys are really sweet. So, jacket is finally done and I love it!!

habu linen jacket

habu linen jacket

habu linen jacket

habu linen jacket

Read more over here.


Carlene said...

You cannot post enough photos of this. It's so lovely.


Kitty Kitty said...

Wow... Pretty much sums it up V. It is absolutely lovely.

Nora said...



argus said...

Congrats: beautiful work!

Olgajazzy said...

Absolutely gorgeous and you know it!!! I hope you get lots and lots of pleasurable wear out of it, V!