August 2, 2007

Just to say Hi

Just wanted to drop by and introduce myself. I am a uk based designer, Ruby. I am delighted to join the Habu knit a long. I love love love Habu. I recently had my design, Paper Bag in the Spring issue of Knitty.

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I am currently working on a number of designs using A-1 which I will share shortly

for now
Ruby x


Carlene said...

Hi Ruby! What a great bag, and a great photo, too!

Twisted Knitter said...

Hello, Ruby! I love your "paper" bag design. I can't wait to see what else you're working on.

soknitpicky said...

That was a great design, and I'm looking forward to your next projects!

Just call me Ruby said...

Thanks for the welcome to the group. Have got something I'm working on at the moment - will hopefully post about it soon.